In early videos, hes often the primary broadcaster, though over time he would fade into the background. Revered as "Mother God" by her followers, Amy Carlson'S decaying body was found at group's headquarters in Casada Park, west of Crestone, wrapped up in a sleeping bag and enshrined with fairy lights, as per the authorities. [18], In the aftermath of Carlson's death, the group splintered, with the most recent "Father God" Jason Castillo forming the separate group Joy Rains with a small number of followers. In one instance, she was said to have had an outburst in the middle of a sermon. Predictions were made. Nobody deserves to die the way she did. In the months before her death, followers had said Carlson, 45, was sick with cancer and was paralyzed, although her family believes she was never treated by a medical doctor to confirm those ailments. Carlson claimed she had been reincarnated 534 times, including as Jesus, Joan of Arc, Marilyn Monroe and Cleopatra, and would lead 144,000 people into a mystical "5th dimension". We dont get to just stop now. At this point, much of Amys professed cosmic worldview was unoriginal, a synthesis of New Age writing she picked up through newsletters, forums, and chat rooms. 'Love Has Won' Leader Amy Carlson's Cause of Death Released Woman called "Mother God" by her followers weighed just 75 pounds when her mummified corpse was discovered by authorities in. Love Has Wons narrative was becoming more paranoid, and Amy was described as being under constant assault from dark forces. She is very, very, very close. In Castillos first videos after his stint in jail after he got out on bail, but before the charges were dropped he appeared with a well-kempt beard and dark, straight hair. Seven of Amys followers were arrested and charged with abuse of a corpse and child abuse. Seven members of the group were charged with abuse of a corpse as well as child abuse due to the presence of two children in the property. In fact, they seem to revel in it. Well kill you, he said. ", "HBO Greenlights 'Love Has Won' Docuseries Directed By 'Baby God' Helmer Hannah Olson", "Colorado's Love Has Won cult to be featured on "Dateline NBC": The two-hour documentary will look at how Amy Carlson became Mother God to her followers",, Religious belief systems founded in the United States, Religious organizations based in the United States, Religious controversies in the United States, Religious organizations based in Colorado, Religious organizations based in California, Short description is different from Wikidata, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License 3.0, Amy Carlson ("Mother-God", "Mom", "Momma G"), 1220 (full-time residential), 26+ ambassadors internationally, Galactic Federation of Light, The Church Ministry of Mother of All Creation, 5D Full Disclosure, This page was last edited on 17 April 2023, at 18:01. Authorities want to know if Carlson had been ingesting those substances. They are the global elite, tied to the Illuminati, and they pull the worlds sinister strings, orchestrating the dark sham that is modern life, in which everything from wars to mass shootings and pandemics are all illusory, engineered to keep humanity mired in a state of fear. The other cases remain pending in court. The Saguache County coroner has identified a woman found dead inside a home used by the Love Has Won cult as Amy Carlson, the groups leader, but hes not yet been able to determine her cause of death because of the need for complicated lab testing. Jan. 14, 2009 marks the very first Love Has Won YouTube video. A 45-year-old cult leader of the spiritual group called "Love Has Won" was found dead in a Colorado home. Amy Carlson was not supposed to physically die. Three weeks later, the audience was told by member Archeia Faith that another assassination attempt had taken place, during which a sword sliced one of her hearts, she says in the video. I loved her, and she knew I loved her. Kevin Durant moped. In the QAnon community, Amy and her followers found a group that was eager to engage and eager to donate money. It was Amerith WhiteEagle who told Amy that she was God, and it was the beginning of a story that would continue long after WhiteEagle was out of the picture. Lamboy quickly positioned himself as a valuable logistical asset, an organized thinker with a talent for quiet leadership and the ability to handle money. Carlson ruled over Love Has Won under the title of "Mother God," a reference to her claim that she was the female aspect of the divine. Id sit on the stairs and look at this picture of Jesus. Im Pele, bitch. She wasnt very maternal, her mother remarks. At the center of it all is the story of one central character, Amy Carlson, a woman who aspired to live and die as a god. She wasnt even making sense. So grateful that shes not in pain now, Leseman said. She experienced the most horrific death, which was very much like Lou Gehrigs or Parkinsons, where her whole body was paralyzed but her brain was functioning, she said. As of this writing, the coroners report has still not been released. Just days later, Dr. Phil devoted an episode of his show to Amy and Love Has Won, featuring her mother, Linda Haythorne, and two of her sisters, Chelsea and Tara. Send us a tip using our anonymous form. 2023 Rolling Stone, LLC. But a few hours later, in a follow-up stream, Leseman seemed to indicate that Amy was still alive, saying Mom is still resting. Member Lauryn Suarez has referred to this as a period of crumbling and rebuilding., Jason Castillo has also started his own offshoot, albeit with a smaller membership, which he refers to as Joy Rains. He asserts that he is now MotherFatherGod, and that he is the new God, having unified with Amys energy. . [28], Authorities stated that Carlson had not died at the property, but in California; her body was subsequently transported back to Colorado. She was inching closer and closer to abandoning her former life completely. He came in and started arguing with my mom. 5D Full Disclosure members say that this is a natural progression. We want to hear it. A healthy-looking Amy Carlson in a school photo. Im Father. [20] They subsequently flew to Kahului Airport on Maui, but were convinced to fly back to Colorado in September 2020. Averse to athletics, she found a creative outlet in the church choir and in theatrical plays. Anyone who tries to fuck with us? Their website and social media channels have undergone a rapid rebranding. Hes soft-spoken and handsome, with kind eyes; he comes across as serene and spiritual. The Gaias Whole Healing Essentials store is down, with the former URL now redirecting to They continue to sell etheric surgeries, which they advertise as still being performed by Amy, albeit from the 5th dimension. [4], According to her family, Amy Carlson grew up in Dallas, Texas, and was a "straight A student". From 'Mother God' to Mummified Corpse: Inside the Fringe Spiritual Sect 'Love Has Won' Amy Carlson was supposed to be the incarnate of Marilyn Monroe, Joan of Arc, and Jesus Christ. Amys drinking became dire. Carlsons face was also covered in foundation, blush and a multicolor vibrant glitter eyeshadow, according to the report. In that lifetime, I defied that command and jumped in the fire anyways to save her. In one video, she rails against members for not delivering her tequila promptly enough, asking, Where is my tequila, you dick whores?. I would sit there and just stare at Jesus, who was myself.. To her followers, Amy Carlson's death was an "ascension.". Near the end, she sometimes had trouble keeping it down. Colloidal silver is a substance made by suspending silver particles in a liquid, often marketed as a cure-all dietary supplement. I am extremely angry the case was dismissed, comments Linda Haythorne. Woman called "Mother God" by her followers weighed just 75 pounds when her mummified corpse was discovered by authorities in April 2021, Love Has Won Leader Amy Carlsons Cause of Death Released, Kanye West Fallout Sparks Class Action Lawsuit Against Adidas, See Bruce Springsteen Return to New Jersey Bedroom Where Nebraska Was Born, Jon Pardi Invited to Join Grand Ole Opry by Guy Fieri, Alan Jackson at Stagecoach, From Mother God to Mummified Corpse: Inside the Fringe Spiritual Sect Love Has Won, CIA Director, Noam Chomsky Named in Epstein's Private Calendar: Report, Drake, Will Arnett Celebrate Toronto Maple Leafs' (Long-Awaited) Postseason Triumph, Meet the YouTube Creator Busting Crypto Scams, Twitter to Allow Media Publishers to Charge Per Article, Want to Make Cash As a Creator? In at least one case he seems to have acted on those threats, when he claimed to have broken member John Robertsons nose. Love Has Won/Facebook Amy "Mother God" Carlson, the former leader of Love Has Won who claimed that she is the Hawaiian goddess of fire. Their messaging is unlike other religious groups, openly brash, energetic, and foul-mouthed, able to insult members of their audience in one breath and tell them they love them in the next. (The woman, who Rolling Stone chose not to name, did not reply to multiple requests for comment.). The Saguache County coroner has identified a woman found dead inside a home used by the Love Has Won cult as Amy Carlson, the group's leader, but he's not yet been able to determine her. My 3D children are the greatest children on the planet, he tells Rolling Stone. 5D Full Disclosure emerged as the current name, complete with a new web store selling spiritual surgery services. Kiszla: Avs embarrass themselves with silence about Valeri Nichushkin's mysterious absence following reported 9-1-1 call, Andrew Cogliano out for Game 7 with fractured neck after Jordan Eberle's hit leaves Avalanche miffed at lack of suspension, Celebration of life for Alexa Bartell, killed by rock thrown through windshield, draws hundreds to Arvada church, With Andrew Cogliano out for rest of Stanley Cup Playoffs, Kraken's Jordan Eberle discusses hit that fractured Cogliano's neck, Denver airport makes Food & Wine's list of top 10 U.S. airports with best restaurants, Your complete guide to Denver-area farmers markets in 2023, Here's the final tally on Russell Wilson trade between Broncos and Seahawks, Kiszla: Gritty, little underdog Nuggets remind Phoenix who's real team to beat in the West, Do Not Sell/Share My Personal Information. The cult used electrolysis to break down metals into various solutions that its members sold online as health aids, he said. Castillo has referred to the others as the false team in Facebook Live streams, and several core Love Has Won members remain with him. I couldnt get through to her. A coroners report revealed that Amy Carlson the leader of the fringe spiritual sect Love Has Won whose mummified remains were discovered in April had died from a combination of alcohol abuse, anorexia, and chronic colloidal silver ingestion.. Or, at least, she has shed her physical vessel, ascending from this life to a higher plane of existence, one of pure love and enlightenment. DENVER Seven members of a cult -like group known as Love Has Won have been arrested on charges of abusing a corpse and child abuse after mummified remains believed to be their leader's were found in a home in rural southern Colorado. Amy herself, as well as two other Love Has Won representatives Ashley Peluso and Lauren Suarez participated via video call. The rate of growth slowed exponentially as she approached 100 percent. [17][20] In early April 2021, the group was located in an RV park in Mount Shasta in northern California, but were asked to leave due to overcrowding. Theyre not here to be part of the community., Frustrated, some Love Has Won members lashed out in video addresses to Wainiha residents. Outside the main group residing with Amy, there were also auxiliary groups meeting in person in Australia, South Africa, and Central America. The 50 Worst Decisions in Music History 2K views, 27 likes, 7 loves, 18 comments, 0 shares, Facebook Watch Videos from Dbstvstlucia: DBS MORNING SHOW & OBITUARIES 25TH APRIL 2023 APRIL 2023 No. Carlsons followers believed she communicated with angels and that she was leading them to a great awakening. When he joined Amy in early 2014, Lamboy, then 35, became the first true member of the nascent Love Has Won. Its state of decay suggested that she had been dead for several weeks. Former members have said they experienced abuse and exploitation during their time with the group. Castillo grew up in Rhinelander, Wisconsin, a town about 100 miles south of the banks of Lake Superior. Officials said they believe the. [8] Jason Castillo would gain the position as the final "Father God" in 2018. Carlsons body was discovered in a home in Moffat on April 28 after a cult member went to the Salida Police Department to report a dead body. From 2014 to 2018, others joined the group many via the Internet, as well as in person and a constellation of adherents steadily grew around Carlson, believers in the orbit of her celestial body. "[25] On May 5, Deputy District Attorney Alex Raines announced plans to upgrade the abuse of corpse charges to the more serious charge of tampering with a deceased human body, the group members were reported to be facing a mix of charges of child abuse, abuse of a corpse, tampering with deceased human remains, and false imprisonment. They arent under the direct influence of a divine authority. Apart from livestreaming for hours a day, members wrote blog articles, performed online consultations, and worked on their e-commerce business, Gaias Whole Healing Essentials, which sold things like essential oils, crystal pyramids, and colloidal silver, which Amy herself took obsessively. Later on the same day, Bobby Leseman and co-broadcaster Dylan Woodward offered an update. I didnt want to leave, but they told me I had to fulfill my mission. A picture of Amy posted on the Facebook group Love Has Won Exposed., From Mother God to Mummified Corpse: Inside the Fringe Spiritual Sect Love Has Won, CIA Director, Noam Chomsky Named in Epstein's Private Calendar: Report, Drake, Will Arnett Celebrate Toronto Maple Leafs' (Long-Awaited) Postseason Triumph, Meet the YouTube Creator Busting Crypto Scams, Twitter to Allow Media Publishers to Charge Per Article, Want to Make Cash As a Creator? Thats when she completely flipped a switch. Severing her connection to everything shed known before, Amy headed west towards Colorado to fulfill her mission: to awaken every human on the planet. Amy spoke frequently of the need to tune into higher vibrational frequencies, and that she was placed upon the Earth to help guide humanity into a higher state of being. ), By her early twenties, Amy had three children, and had been married and divorced once. In April 2020, Gaias Whole Healing Essentials received a warning letter from the Food and Drug Administration and the Federal Trade Commission. Its important for us to let everyone know that Amy was a person. Amys acolytes claim that Mother God is over 19 billion years old and has lived over 500 lives. All seven also were charged with two misdemeanor counts of child abuse because two children were inside the house when Saguache County sheriffs deputies arrived to investigate. It cares about God. Mother and Father were not regulars in these videos. After a humiliating public display of ones own failings and culpability, the leaders uncontested version of reality seems increasingly valid.. Soon that version of Amy domineering and self-destructivetook center stage in livestreams with increasing frequency. Her pain was described as reaching 50 out of 10. Miguel Lamboy described her situation as very dire, and warned that something may happen to Amys physical body. She sat atop a bed, wrapped in what appeared to be a sleeping bag, and decorated with Christmas lights. Amys family was most concerned with getting her medical attention. He would come to call this his 3D family. New members of the community allegedly experienced what psychologists and cult experts call love-bombing. Daniel Shaw, a New York psychoanalyst, cult recovery expert, and author of the forthcoming Traumatic Narcissism and Recovery: Leaving the Prison of Shame and Fear, describes the practice as showering the newcomers with hyper-friendly, hyper-empathetic attention, in order to win them over. You could say I broke everyones fucking noses, he says, when asked for comment. For other uses, see, Also known as the "Galactic Federation of Light" or "5D Full Disclosure", "Mother God's Ambassadors Mother GOD is Here on Earth", "LOVEHASWON on the Colorado Secretary of State Business Database Search", "What we know about the Love Has Won 'cult' whose leader was found mummified in Colorado", "From 'Mother God' to Mummified Corpse: Inside the Fringe Spiritual Sect 'Love Has Won', "Watch Our New Documentary About 'Love Has Won', a Group Former Members Call a Cult", "How a Texas mom left her family to become "Mother God," leader of Colorado's Love Has Won cult", "Love Has Won: Family's grief at death of mummified cult leader", "Amy Carlson: The life of Love Has Won cult leader 'Mother God', "The rise of 'conspirituality': When 'spiritual' people embrace conspiracy theories, it can spell trouble", "She told followers she was 'Mother God.' As per the Ascension Guide that Love Has Won sells which retails at $22.22 members are prescribed grounding tools to aid in their ascension, which include Sun gazing (literally staring at the Sun), smoking cigarettes (only organic, hand-rolled tobacco), eating red meat at least twice a week, and taking long, cold showers. So, pray.Shes slowly, slowly pulling out of her vessel.. He looks especially unhinged, simultaneously hurt and angry, as he rails against his former children. They could see the twinkling, multi-colored makeshift shrine from down the hallway. Tara Flores found Amys departure from her family jarring and unexpected. A high level overview of Amys role in Love Has Won lore, according to their YouTube videos, reveals the belief that Amy Carlson was Jesus Christ, Cleopatra, and Marilyn Monroe, among other historical figures. DENVERSeveral members of a bizarre spiritual group called "Love Has Won" have been taken into custody after the badly decaying body of the group's leader was found in its headquarters. Her family asserts that she became increasingly disconnected from her kids. But how things developed to this point and how they would progress in the aftermath offer a glimpse into what happens when streaming culture, a fringe spiritual sect, and conspiracy theory thinking collide. She was Amy Carlson Stroudalthough Lamboy also knew her as "Mother God"the 45-year-old leader of Love Has Won (LHW), a New Age-y quasi-religious group and suspected cult. There could be many Father Gods, but there could only be one Mother God. But to understand what any of this has to do with Amys rapid decline in health and ultimate death, its important to understand that in the Love Has Won belief system, all the worlds external suffering had to be played out physically upon Amys body. [13] They believed that the world was run by a "cabal" determined to keep the planet in a "low vibration" state. Most of Amys initial videos were published as The Galactic Free Press, and were either audio-only or featured her speaking directly into the camera in a newscaster style, updating viewers on the interstellar spiritual plotline that she claimed was playing out all around them.
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